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SELKIRK! Tara has secured a space to rent in Selkirk out of Pure Wellness Unit B 320 Main street, Selkirk. You can now book yourself in by using the button below.

Tara is starting to teach! Check out the services tab for current workshops, and stay tuned for more! She has a few in the works! Is there something you’d like to learn? Let us know! Tara has a few workshops she has been putting together for the last year or so, and will hopefully be launching them this summer!

AVAILABILITY ~ If you don't see a time that works for you with Tara's availability online, please send us a message with what you're looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Tara is able to be flexible with appointments, however, what is available online are the easiest/best times for Tara to work with.

GROUP READINGS AND PARTIES! YES! Tara does group readings and parties. She does not however do them in someone’s home, but if it’s at a venue, absolutely! Send us a message with what service you want, date, how many people, and we will get back to you. If there is enough interest in another town for readings, let us know! Tara loves travelling to other towns and booking a day of readings if there is enough people wanting readings.

More updates to come, follow me on social media, sign up for our newsletter, check back often so you don't miss out!

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"I would be so honoured to help you on your journey, whatever that may look like."

~ Tara Chartrand


About Me:

At a very young age Tara could hear voices when no one was around, she would often have a feeling of knowing things would happen, before they happened, she had paranormal experiences and waking up to people saying her name, but everyone was asleep, she often felt a presence, felt like someone was there when there was nobody there. She would often hear people's thoughts and wonder why she heard it, but nobody else seemed to. She purchased her first set of tarot cards and a book with exercises to develop her psychic senses when she was around 16 years old, looking for answers. Tara has over 20 years of reading Tarot Cards and gained knowledge on energy work and healing.

Tara was a single Mom of 3 when she was diagnosed with cancer, in 2019. She had major surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Every single radiation session, she would perform Reiki on herself, and any other time she felt the need to. She has healed tremendously, and was told by another medium that spirit said she healed herself. Tara learned a lot about how our emotions can cause physical illness within our bodies through her journey with cancer and many other life experiences. Tara has been cancer free ever since! She has since manifested her Soulmate who has 2 children of his own. She is now a very proud Mom of 5 beautiful children.

Tara offers a safe, non-judgemental space for you to receive the healing and/or guidance you need to move forward in a positive, motivated, empowered way. If you're not sure what service is right for you, send her a message and she can help you, to ensure you receive optimal guidance and healing.

Tara is following the guidance from her spirit team on how she can help people along their own unique journey. She has taken several classes, workshops, and practice circles to add to her tool belt of ways she can help people. Tara has always had a strong internal calling to help people, she just wasn't sure how. Now she can't ignore the fact that this is her calling, so here she is!

Check out an article that was written on tara

this is something that she manifested. spirit kept showing her having an ad in the tribune, she just wasn’t sure how.

she wrote on a dated note on her phone aug 10, 2023: “Ad in tribune?” and kept giving it energy.

sept 12, 2023 she received a message from someone from the tribune asking to do an article on her.

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Tara is certified in many different healing modalities, some of which aren't yet listed. If you don't see a time that works for you, please use the contact me section to send us a message.

Tara does EVENTS, PARTIES, and GROUP READINGS that can be booked evenings and weekends!

*Prices subject to change*

Tara’s home is dog friendly, dog will not be present during sessions, but her dander and hair may be. Clients say her reading room is very cozy, cute, and feels so nice to sit here with Tara that they don’t want to leave the space after. Tara’s genuine, compassion and kind nature shines through in every reading she does.

Tara was a FEATURED SPEAKER at the Winnipeg Women’s Show 2024!


Tara Chartrand

Saturday, March 23 …. 12:15 pm

Sunday, March 24 ……. 11:30 am

Unveiling the Mysteries – a special presentation of Insight, Readings,

and Self Empowerment!

Tara Chartrand is a renowned psychic medium, tarot card reader, and Reiki master practitioner, with a unique blend of skills including Animal Reiki and Shamanic practices. Join Tara as she shares her journey of self-discovery and explores her unique gifts. Discover the world of evidential mediumship, Tarot readings, spirit guidance, and more. Experience live readings and insights into the unseen realms, offering empowerment and guidance for your spiritual path. .spiritual



~ IET Intensive (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Tara is an IET Master Instructor, and she is teaching her first workshop! IET Intensive (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced).

Become a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner! No experience necessary!

IET is said to "get the issues out of your tissues for good!"

May 24 -26, 2024

Fri 6-9pm, Sat/Sun 10-6

Regular price $625 ~ Sign up now for only $575 + GST!

Motel 6 Winnipeg West 440 Portage Ave, Headingley, MB

Coffee and tea will be provided

Because it's her first time teaching this workshop, she wants to offer it at a discounted rate! Pay only $575 + GST!! Class size is limited, so sign up early. This is a one time sale price for it being her first time teaching, so take advantage of it now.

Manuals need to be ordered in, sign up early to ensure you have a physical copy for the workshop. Workshop will be In Person Only.

You don't have to plan on being an IET practitioner in order to take this workshop. I started out taking energy healing classes such as Reiki and IET for myself and my family. It helps you connect with Angels, to bring about peace, healing, love within yourself, your home, your loved ones, and more! Spirit continues to push me to help more people, I was a practitioner, and now they want me to teach.

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What will you learn:

Basic Level:

~Attunement to the Basic IET energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks.

~Location and use of the IET energy integration power points

~Introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map

~Increase in your ability to be an energy intuitive and "read" energy

~ And more!

Intermediate Level:

~Attunement to Intermediate IET energy ray that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs and will empower you to pull energy imprints out of the human energy field

~Learn to clear energy imprints resulting from past life karma

~Methods to "esoterically dowse" and interpret the blockages in the human energy field

~And more!

Advanced Level:

~Attunement to the Advanced IET energy ray which unlocks the 5th DNA pair and activates the energy of your soul's purpose

~Ability to do a "Soul Star" clearing to activate your souls purpose

~Use of the Heartnet process to manifest your dream

~Build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth

~And more!

For more information about IET, please visit their website at learniet.com or send us a message about any questions you may have.


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Medium Reading

30 min $100+gst

50 min $150+gst

Tara will connect you with your loved ones in spirit and relay what they want to bring through to you. They may bring through messages, memories, or inner knowings of what is going on in your life, or guidance. You can ask questions and she can relay answers from your loved ones. Tara cannot guarantee who or what will come through, her ultimate hope is to bring you peace knowing that your loved ones are always with you in spirit, and just a thought away. By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer.

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Tarot Card Reading

30 min $80+gst , 50 min $125 +gst

Tara is a Psychic Medium, she connects to Spirit and your higher self to bring through guidance and messages that are for your highest and greatest good, she strives to fuse healing and empowerment for her clients whenever possible. As she looks at the cards, they come to life for her. Spirit streams information and the cards will tell a story, that she will channel and convey to you. She will start off with a Past/Present/Future reading to anchor into your energy, and will let Spirit lead the way. You may ask questions at any point, and Tara will pull cards and channel what information she receives from Spirit and what she sees in the cards. You are encouraged to record your reading via voice recorder if you wish, just let Tara know you are doing so. What area(s) would you like some insight to: Love, Romance, Health, Career, Move, Trip, or more? What does the future hold for you? By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer posted in the services section.

Spirit Guidance/Empowerment Session

30 min $80+gst, 50 min $125+gst

Tara offers a non-judgemental, supportive, loving, caring, safe space for you to discuss your concerns, issues, where you feel stuck, how you're feeling, any life changes you're working on or wondering about, and she will channel guidance from spirit. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or just not feeling as good as you'd like, Tara can help you figure out where it stems from, what changes you can make in your life to help, or how to change your thinking, see things from a different, more positive perspective. Tara's goal is to help guide you, empower you, give you tools and confidence to move forward with your goals, dreams, and feel better about yourself! If there's some questions you have about Spirituality, if you feel, see, sense, hear things and want to know more, this is what you would book. If there is something in your house, an entity or "ghost", anything along these lines, Tara is trained not only to astral travel to that location, bring evidence of what she picks up on in that space, but she can also psychopomp a spirit that's perhaps stuck in the middle world (help it cross over), and cleanse the space long distance. She has had tremendous confirmation that it works, and clients reach out to tell her that since she's gotten rid of a spirit or entity and cleansed their space, it's been gone ever since, and they feel so much better! Tara has been through her fair share of hardships, as we all have. She is very good at finding the positives, the lessons and strengths we gain through these difficult times. She does her best in a session to help empower you, find your power again, and empower you to move forward in a more positive, light way! In one session, clients have said how much better they feel, they feel lighter, they don't want to leave Tara's space and presence, and and that she herself is a gift. Tara is very empathic, and has a unique ability to help you feel seen, heard, cared for, and validated. Tara is not a counsellor, nor does she have any counselling training, her messages and guidance come directly from spirit ~ a higher loving source that can see the bigger picture, beyond what we can imagine. By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer posted in the services section.

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Akashic Records Reading

& Healing

50 min $125+gst

Tara has been fascinated with, and accessing her own Akashic Records for over 20 years! Akashic Records are said to be your Souls Blueprints, or evolutionary journey, your Book of Life to access and heal your current and past life trauma, fear, blocks, and more. It is Tara's goal to bring you the clarity, hope, and support you need to align yourself with power, confidence, and purpose to take your power back! Tara calls it a reading and healing because he brings in her own unique healing style to heal past life trauma that is affecting us in this lifetime. Here’s an example: while accessing a client’s akashic records, I was shown that one past life they died by being stabbed in the back by someone they trusted. I felt that in this lifetime they had trust issues, and troubles breathing - pointing to the area I was shown they were stabbed. That client verified that they have tremendous trust issues and didn’t know where it came from, in this lietime they’d never had anything significant happen where it would ruin their trust. They also confirmed that area I was pointing to, they have pains there that the Dr. couldn’t find a physical reason for. I journeyed back to that past life, pulled out the sword from their body, and healed the physical and emotional trauma. My clients eyes were closed when I did this, and they gasped for air as I pulled the sword out, and then they had a huge emotional release. They told me they felt something being pulled out, opened their eyes and saw that I was making the motion of pulling a sword out. What information is in your Akashic Records?

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Reiki 50 min $90+gst

Tara is a Reiki Master. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, it can bring about deep relaxation which can aid in releasing stress, which in turn may help with sleep issues, post surgery recovery, energy levels, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. Tara is also a Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner and often uses Crystals, sound, and vibrational healing while performing Reiki. Reiki can be performed in person or virtual. Energy transcends space and time, much like how wifi and cell phones work, making distance Reiki just as effective as in person. Distance Reiki can send loving energy to your body while you relax from the comfort of your own home. Tara performed Reiki on herself alongside conventional medicine and healed herself of cancer. She has been cancer free since 2019. By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer posted in the services section.

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Integrated Energy Therapy® 50 min $100+gst

Integrated Energy Therapy®~ IET uses Angelic energy to clear energy blockages that result from suppressed cellular memories. Some causes of energy blockages are disease, surgery, trauma, limiting beliefs, stress, fear, from this lifetime or past lives. These blockages can limit our experience of life and how we feel day to day. Light pressure is applied to accupressure like points in your body to energize, integrate, and release blocked energy on all four levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. IET is said to get the "issues out of your tissues" for good! By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer posted in the services section.

Animal Distance Reiki 50 min $90+gst

Tara is a Certified Animal Reiki Master. Animals are Angels of the Earth, their life purpose is to heal the earth, which includes people. Stress and tension is stored in animal's bodies just like humans, and that can manifest into illness and disease. They can actually pull stress and tension out of their home and owners and take it on themselves. Animals can benefit from Reiki just as much as us humans, and receiving distant Reiki is just as beneficial as in person. I feel that animals will benefit a little more if they can relax from the comfort of their own home, as opposed to coming to my home for Reiki, as I have a dog and although she will not be present, her hair and dander may be, and animals will smell/feel that and they might be too occupied sniffing around. If you are set on bringing your pet in person, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs. Tara would love to have a picture, name, breed, and sex of the animal so that she can connect and communicate telepathically and check your pet's chakras, healing the ones that need healing. If you have any specific questions or areas you want Tara to focus on, please let her know ahead of time. Otherwise she will let your pet and Spirit lead the way. Approx 40 min will be spent sending Reiki Healing and taking notes. Once complete, the notes will be sent to you and you will have the opportunity to email some questions if you have any. Tara will spend approx 10 minutes as required answering questions. She will respond as soon as she's able to. By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer posted in the services section.

Animal Communication 50 min $125+gst

Tara is a Psychic Medium, and Animal Reiki Master. She is able to connect to your pets energy and communicate with them similar to how she can connect to your loved ones in Heaven. Animals have a consciousness and can communicate! Tara needs a picture and name of the animal you want to communicate with to tap into their energy. Animals may bring forth aches or pains, favourite foods or toys, things they like or dislike, and more! This is a interactive one on one session with you and Tara, where she can explain what she's picking up from your pet, and you can discuss things in person and ask questions while she's connected to your pet. This can be in person or online via Zoom. Your pet will not be present for this, just a picture. Tara's kind and loving nature, especially towards animals, makes this such a sweet and loving way to help you get to know your pet on a new level. What is your pet trying to tell you? Deposits are non-refundable. By following through with booking, you agree to the legal disclaimer posted on the services section

Power Animal Retrieval

30 min $80+gst

Tara is a Shamanic Practitioner. Tara will journey to find your Power Animal and send its energy to you to blend with you. Once blended, she will use her handmade rattle to seal in its essence for you to call upon whenever you want. Tara will then type out all the wisdom your Power Animal shared with her while journeying and send it to you once complete. A Power Animal can offer insight into who you are, or why you do certain things instinctively, they can help by bringing information on how you can overcome certain obstacles in your life. The information and guidance that comes through is different every time, for every person. You can call upon your Power Animal in times of need, for instance - an animal that brings courage, you can call upon it when you need that boost of courage, and they will show up to help you!

Soul Retrieval Journey

50 min $120+GST/Session

This is a mandatory 5 Session Journey

costing a total of $600+GST

This is a magical, beautiful, in depth mandatory 5 session healing journey! Each session is approximately 50 min, $120/session. Tara has been extensively trained in Universal Shamanism and is a Certified Soul Retrieval Practitioner. If you have suffered trauma, don't feel yourself, or had shock of any kind - emotional, physical, or spiritual, you may have lost some soul fragments - a part of yourself and who you are. We can also hold others' soul fragments with some interactions. People we have been intimate with, people who are jealous, envious, or angry with us, abused us, are some examples. In a nutshell, the Soul Retrieval Journey consists of the following: - Tara will journey and retrieve some of your missing soul pieces, and retrieve a power animal for you, merge it with your essence and pass along any insight it has for you, you will be guided on a meditation journey to meet your new power animal - You will find what soul pieces you carry of others, and others carry of yours - Tara will find soul fragments that you have lost in the physical sense, bring them back and reintegrate them into your body, and more! It is imperative that you complete all 5 sessions, as leaving you in the middle of this journey will not help you welcome your soul fragments back, and maximum benefits to this journey will not be reached, if you do not stick around for the whole journey. This is a magical, beautiful journey and each clients outcome is unique. My own personal experience is feeling more joy, sleeping better, feeling empowered, feeling more connected to my spirit team and nature, I feel lighter and more happiness. I was able to rid myself of anxiety. $300 (half) is to be paid at the first session, and $300 (the other half) at the third session. This is an amazing way to invest in yourself! *Results may vary.

Fairy Godmother

50 min $125+GST

Welcome to our Fairy Godmother Session, a unique and mystical experience for children and teens. During this session, Tara will tap into the spiritual realm and provide guidance and insights to help your child or teen navigate through their difficulties. Are they gifted, do they have an imaginary friend, do they sense spirit, are they scared of their gifts/abilities, are they psychic, a "rainbow child", or just want guidance in the Spiritual Realm? Tara was a “gifted child”, she always thought it was a curse, and prayed for it to stop or go away. It made her feel so isolated and different, she had a hard time making or keeping friends, she never felt like she fit in. She would hear voices, have spiritual activity around her, see things like spirit energy, lights, and fairies that nobody else would see, and so much more. She wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with her because nobody else saw or heard what she did, and she doesn’t want anyone else to feel that. It is one of her biggest passions now to be the person that she always prayed for when she was growing up, someone to explain to her what was happening, and why she was different, what it meant. Tara has a large unique blend of skills that she can utilize during this session to help, depending on the special needs of your child.

Legal Guardian must be present during the session. $125+gst=$131.


50 min $100+GST

Tara has been Certified in ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced since 2018. She uses it on herself almost every day. ThetaHealing® is an energy healing technique for your mind, body, and spirit that provides healing by tapping into the Theta brain wave and connecting with the Creator, allowing us to reprogram our minds to clear limiting beliefs and think more positively. You do not require a certain belief system in order for this to work, you just need to come with an open mind and be willing to shift your belief systems. I myself have been able to become aware of, and shift several belief systems within my own life. I was diagnosed with PTSD and constantly lived in a state of fear, not being able to sleep, and more. I was able to retrain my brain into believing I was safe, which enhanced my sleep, gave me more energy throughout the day, eliminated frequent nightmares, and gave me my power back on so many levels! That is just one example. Of course, results vary, each client and situation is unique. It is believed (and I believe it as well!) that we create our own reality. We can reprogram our subconscious thoughts and emotions to help us manifest success, healing, and happiness.

Energetic Distance Cleansing 50 min $125+gst

Everything is made up of energy. Objects, spaces, and people can have energies attached to them, energies can become stagnant, illnesses or disease can leave behind unwanted energies. There are so many reasons why we need to keep up with not just physical cleaning of our homes and spaces, but also the energetic cleansing. Tara is a trained Shamanic Practitioner, and she is trained to psycho pomp spirits and entities that do not belong, and to cleanse homes, businesses, and spaces energetically via long distance. If you are moving and want happy, positive energy in the home to attract a buyer, or just moved into a new home and want a fresh clean start, maybe someone is getting over an illness, or went through a very emotional struggle, or divorce, you just don't feel like yourself, or comfortable in your space, or you've done a physical clean and the energies have stirred up and you want to cleanse. There are so many reasons or desired results to have an energetic cleansing performed. You can send Tara the location, description, and what your desired outcome is (does it feel like someone or something is in the house when you're home alone, or it just feels icky, or you just want to feel lighter, for example), and any other information you want Tara to be aware of. You book your session for whatever time is available, and Tara will do her best to complete it within 5 days. The reason is that if there is a spirit or entity within your home, business, or space that you want cleansed, Tara is able to catch it off guard and find it, if it knows when to expect her, it can hide or be ready for her. Tara will not share the details of anything negative, as giving it energy can call it back. Tara works with Angels, Fairies, Spirit and Power Animals, and whatever else she feels called to work with to ensure your home is cleansed, charged, and left with a little bit of magic Sparkle. *Only one space will be cleansed per booking (one house, one business, or land space) Results may vary, not everyone is sensitive to energies to feel the "magic sparkle", but I assure you, it's there even if you can't feel it! By booking you agree to the legal disclaimer in the services section.

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Q: Can I record my reading?

A:Yes! It's best if you record your Medium Reading, or Tarot Reading as it's hard to remember things on the spot, some things are for the future and you might forget later, and sometimes it's just a nice "gift" to have for later.

Q:Does it work the same online as it does in person?

A: Yes! Healings and Readings all "work" the same whether in person or online. So it's best if you choose what makes you more comfortable.

Q: What’s the difference between a medium reading and a tarot card reading?

A: Medium Reading is to connect you with your loved ones who have crossed over. A Tarot Reading is using Tarot Cards and connecting to Spirit to give you guidance in your life.

Q: What can I do to best prepare for my medium reading?

A: Set the intention of who you want to come through. Think to yourself, who you want to talk to, what questions you have for them, what you’d like to get from your session, etc. Be open to who and what comes through. If you set the intention of “I just wanted to see what this was about and who would show up”, that’s most likely what will happen, someone you worked with 10 years ago might show up just to say hi for example. So, ask your loved ones in spirit to show up for you.

Q: Can I ask questions during my session?

A: Yes, please come prepared with questions relating to your session. Spirit will almost always answer whatever questions you may have naturally, but come prepared with questions just in case. You can ask at any time.

Q: Will answers always come through?

A: No, sometimes Spirit won’t answer a question. Tara will do her best to ask for as much information from Spirit as possible to answer your question, but for different reasons sometimes is unable to receive an answer. They don’t always want to talk about horrible situations because they would rather spend your valuable session time showing you beautiful ways they are around you, support you, memories you may have together, etc.

Sometimes it’s part of your journey to figure things out, there are lessons to be learned, beautiful moments of self-discovery, people to meet along the way, for example. There is joy to be had in the journey and Spirit won’t give an answer. They do sometimes give what Tara calls a “bread crumb trail”, where they’ll give flashes of inspiration, a feeling, an idea, a puzzle piece for your future so that when you get there, you’ll know in that moment. It might not make sense during the time of the reading, so trust what you receive, and don’t receive during your reading. Spirit will give us what we need for our highest and greatest good, so please come with an open mind.

Q: I’m scared, is there anything to be afraid of:

A: Absolutely not! Tara is so genuine, kind, compassionate, and one of the most caring people you will ever meet! She doesn’t judge, she is amazing at helping you release any fear, doubt, worry, regret, etc so you leave her space feeling lighter, happier, more peaceful, and empowered! That is her passion! She helps you understand yourself from Spirits perspective, as we are all loved and supported by our loved ones, Spirit, Angels, and more in the Spirit world!

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